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Why Choose Paradise Fire & Security?

We are a team of experts who provide services with the best quality and at affordable prices, which is why we are rated among the top dealers in Pune.

Our team of qualified professionals has been trained to follow all industry standards and ensure that you have the best experience with us.

We provide various services including installation, maintenance, and repair of all types of fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, fire hydrant systems, fire- fighting equipment, and much more!

We also offer 24/7 emergency service for our clients and are always ready to solve your queries.

The Product Range We Offer: -

Are Experienced

At Paradise fire & security, we offer fire extinguisher refilling and maintenance service 365 days round the clock. We also conduct fire safety inspection, Fire Awareness training & fire drills. Our vision is to provide total fire & safety solutions to the customer to ensure complete protection of life & property. We are committed to respond to your specific needs related to fire safety and continual improvement in our training programs.


Our Mission

To improve our best services to achieve 100% customers satisfaction, delivered by diverse and engaged talent with integrity, passion and focus on performance.

Our Vision

Leading Fire Fighting Products company, based on strong service industry, with an excellent reputation for successful life saving innovations.


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About Us

Paradise is an innovative company that enables businesses to take proactive and corrective actions by changing the way the current system is being used and or by providing the world class products which best fit to customer’s requirement. Paradise have a wide range of products from international and local market, to get customers Expected requirement fulfilled. When it comes to the requirement of Safety, Security, Surveillance or software development, customer can rely on Paradise’s assured services. Paradise caters wide range of verticals like Enterprises, Pharma, Manufacturing, Automobile, Hospitality, Health, SME and many more.